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Create memories with your partner

Couple Joy is a private space perfectly created for you and your partner where you can easily create, store and revise memories


Couple Joy provides a lot of cool features that will allow you to create memories with ease

Mark every visited location

Every memory that has attached a location will be automatically shown on the map

See memories for each visited country

Automatically group memories by country and city. You can also see the number of countries / cities visited

Create countless memories

There is no limit on how many memories you can create, not even on the free tier, because we want you to mark every small event from your lives

Low effort when creating memories

Automatically detect the date and location from photos' metadata



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Couples love the app and enjoy storing and visualizing their memories in a fast and easy way
“ I love that I can see the map with all the memories shared with my partner! The design is so nice, I love it!! “


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