How to add distance apart widget on iPhone

The distance widget is one of the most loved tools for couples around the world that are in a long distance relationship. It gives them strength and motivation to continue to push forward and make it one day show 'We're together'.
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Since iOS 16, Apple introduced lock screen widgets. The distance widget is available in the Couple Joy app which you can find on the App Store. Please make sure you and your partner have downloaded the app and paired with eachother. The pairing process is simple and straightforward, you have to enter your partner's pairing code on your device in Couple Joy app. Once that's done, continue with the steps below.

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Add the Distance Widget - Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open Couple Joy app and navigate to the Home Screen
  2. Scroll down until you see the distance widget and tap on it
  3. The widget needs location access to work so please make sure you tap Allow and then select Allow While Using App

Tutorial in Couple Joy app

  1. All the work is done in the app. Now we have to add the widget on the lock screen
  2. Open your phone's Setting -> Wallpaper -> Customize or you can Long Press on Lock Screen -> Add Widgets -> Couple Joy -> Select the distance widget to add it on your lock screen.
  3. That's it! Please make sure your partner does these steps too for the widget to work.

Tutorial Lock Screen

The distance apart widget is now added on the lock screen of your iPhone and you can easily see the distance between you and your partner.

Wrapping up

No doubt this is one of the most ingenious ways of measuring the distance between you and your significant other. Please note that the widget is only updating every 20 minutes to perserve your iPhone battery.

Cosmin Anghel
Cosmin Anghel