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Discover Couple Joy, the app that outshines My Love App by beautifully displaying how long have we been together on your iOS lock and home screen.
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In the ever-spinning world of love and digital connection, finding unique ways to cherish and celebrate your relationship milestones has just gotten a whole lot easier, and dare we say, more fun! Introducing the Couple Joy app, your newest companion in the journey of love, tailored to keep the flames of affection burning bright. This innovative app takes a sweet spot on your iOS device, transforming your lock and home screen into a canvas that beautifully showcases the duration of your togetherness. Now, every time you glance at your phone, you're reminded of the journey you've embarked on with your significant other. How cool is that?

While "My Love App" has been around, offering couples a way to track their relationship timeline, Couple Joy steps up the game by integrating directly with your device's most viewed screens. This isn't just an app; it's a heartwarming reminder, a celebration of your love story, accessible with just a flick of your wrist. Imagine waking up each day to see not just the time or your notifications but also a cute reminder of "how long we've been together". It's like having a digital love diary that's both personal and intimate, nestled right there on your phone.

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Now, you might wonder, "Why choose Couple Joy over any other lover app out there?". The answer lies in its simplicity and the joy it brings to everyday moments. This isn't just another love app. It's a relationship tracker that grows as your relationship evolves, marking each day with a sprinkle of love and a dash of excitement. Whether it's been 30 days or 300, Couple Joy is there to celebrate each milestone with you, making every moment count.

But how does it work? Simple. Once you download Couple Joy onto your iOS device, you'll input your special date—the day your love story began. From that moment on, the app takes over, keeping a seamless count of the days, weeks, and months you've been together. The best part? This countdown becomes a part of your lock and home screen, blending beautifully with your chosen aesthetics, making every glance at your phone a reminder of your shared journey.

Forget about manually calculating "how long have we been together" or relying on generic apps that don't offer the personal touch Couple Joy does. This app is more than a number counter; it's a celebration of your relationship's uniqueness and growth. And with its user-friendly interface, you won't find yourself tangled in complexities. It's designed for love, with love, making it the ultimate choice for couples seeking to add a little more joy and connection to their daily lives.

How to Add the Relationship Counter Lock Screen Widget - Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open your phone's Setting -> Wallpaper -> Customize or you can Long Press on Lock Screen -> Add Widgets.
  2. Search for Couple Joy in the list and Select the Days Together to add it on your lock screen.
  3. Enjoy your lovely widget and celebrate love!

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How to Add the Relationship Counter Home Screen Widget - Step by Step Instructions

  1. Unlock your phone and Long Press on Home Screen -> Press on + from the left up corner.
  2. Search for Couple Joy in the list and Select the Days Together to add it on your lock screen. You can select the small or the large widget option.
  3. Enjoy your lovely widget on your Home Screen!

Home Widget Counter

So, if you're on the lookout for a lover app that stands out, offers more than just a relationship counter, and truly celebrates your love story, Couple Joy is your go-to. Let's make every moment count, and keep the love glowing right there on your lock and home screen. Welcome to the new era of digital love diaries, where every day with your partner is worth celebrating.

Cosmin Anghel
Cosmin Anghel