70 'This or That' Questions for Couples

Even thought this is a very simple game, 'This or That' questions are effective for couples as well. You can get to know each other better or even start meaningful conversation from a simple 'Kissing or cuddling'.
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Hey there lovebirds! Ever find yourselves in that classic dilemma of not knowing what to talk about with your partner? These 70 'This or That' questions for couples are designed to get you giggling, reminiscing, and maybe even learning a thing or two about each other. So grab your partner, cozy up, and let the games begin!

Couple Romance

  1. Roses or lilies?
  2. Holding hands or cuddling?
  3. Candlelit dinner at home or fancy restaurant?
  4. Love letters or love poems?
  5. Breakfast in bed or surprise dinner?
  6. Slow dance or passionate kiss?
  7. Stargazing or watching a romantic movie?
  8. Whispering sweet nothings or leaving love notes?
  9. Walking hand in hand along the beach or cuddling by the fireplace?
  10. Dancing in the rain or under the stars?
  11. Romantic picnic or sunset beach walk?
  12. Chocolate-covered strawberries or champagne?
  13. Wearing matching outfits or coordinating colors?
  14. Waking up to breakfast already made or waking up to kisses?
  15. Writing your own vows or traditional vows?
  16. Recreating your first date or trying something completely new?
  17. Sharing a milkshake or sharing dessert?
  18. Surprise weekend getaway or planned vacation?
  19. Breakfast at sunrise or dinner at sunset?
  20. Couples massage or DIY spa night?
  21. Watching the sunset together or watching the sunrise together?
  22. Sharing secrets under the moonlight or sharing dreams under the stars?
  23. Breakfast in bed or breakfast on the balcony?
  24. Slow dancing in the living room or slow dancing under the stars?
  25. Gazing into each other's eyes or stealing kisses?
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Date Nights

Which date nights do you prefer? Compare your answers with your partner's and make sure you organize the common ones!

  1. Beach picnic or restaurant?
  2. Star gaze or rock climbing?
  3. Camp or hotel?
  4. Escape room or laser tag?
  5. Dance or hike?
  6. Bowling or mini golf?
  7. Video games or movie night?
  8. Chocolate tasting or wine tasting?
  9. Swiming or bike ride?
  10. Road trip or stay home?
  11. Movie night or game night?
  12. Read a book or listen to music?
  13. Watch a TV show or go to a concert?
  14. Play a sport or go to the gym?
  15. Take a yoga class or go for a run?

Travel Preferences

  1. Beach vacation or city break?
  2. Road trip or plane ride?
  3. Explore Europe or Asia?
  4. Relax on a cruise or hike in the mountains?
  5. Visit a theme park or go on a wildlife safari?
  6. Go on a double date or plan a romantic getaway?
  7. Take a relationship quiz or couples therapy?
  8. Plan a surprise party or weekend trip?
  9. Have a weekly date night or game night?
  10. Take a break from each other or plan a solo trip?

Career and Work

  1. Work from home or commute to an office?
  2. Have a 9-to-5 job or flexible hours?
  3. Be the boss or have a boss?
  4. Work in a team or independently?
  5. Have a creative job or a logical one?
  6. Take on more responsibilities or delegate tasks?
  7. Prioritize work-life balance or put work first?
  8. Have a job with a lot of travel or stay in one place?
  9. Work in a fast-paced environment or a relaxed one?
  10. Take breaks throughout the day or work straight through?
  11. Have a mentor or be a mentor?
  12. Learn new skills on the job or take online courses?
  13. Get feedback from colleagues or self-evaluate?
  14. Work on projects that benefit society or focus on personal gain?
  15. Have a job with a clear career path or explore different roles?
  16. Take calculated risks or play it safe at work?
  17. Focus on short-term goals or long-term success?
  18. Have a job with regular hours or variable shifts?
  19. Be part of a startup or an established company?
  20. Work with people from different cultures or similar backgrounds?
Cosmin Anghel
Cosmin Anghel